Having access to open space in and around where we live and work is essential

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Everyone has the right to have good quality open space close to where they live. Groundwork tries to ensure this by transforming under-utilised land into a valuable resource or by making improvements to existing public spaces.

In many urban housing areas, access to open spaces is very limited. However, these areas are a key element in achieving a safe and successful community and Groundwork is working towards improving existing open areas as well as creating new spaces.

Access to safe green spaces is important for many reasons:

  • Somewhere safe to relax, exercise, walk and socialise is vital for a successful community.
  • A green lung in an urban area is needed for those who do not have the finances, personal transport or physical ability to get out into the countryside.
  • Green spaces provide a contrast from the urban environment and gives identity to neighbourhoods.
  • Pockets of green situated in dense urban areas are essential for encouraging seasonal awareness.

Groundwork works on a diverse range of projects providing people with access to green spaces. This includes preserving sites which are special because of their wildlife or heritage, restoring derelict and contaminated land, creating new community parks and woodlands and improving pockets of barren urban grassland. All interested partners are consulted at every stage of the design and construction process to ensure the best use of land for everyone.


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