Local problems are defined and solutions are created to make a real difference

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Feeling like a valued member of a community is very important. It is something too often missing and many people can feel isolated and alone. Tension between community members often results through lack of communication. Groundwork works closely with local people and partner organisations to overcome this. Working as a group is the most effective way for social development to take place.

By getting local people to work together, an understanding arises. People begin to appreciate that others have different feelings and requirements and that everybody has the right to feel safe in their own neighbourhood. By listening to people’s needs and concerns, Groundwork designs projects to address these problems at a local level. Problems are defined and solutions are created to make a real difference.

Working with communities is at the heart of our work because local input is essential in successful regeneration. Groundwork Kent & Medway engages local communities through practical activities, meetings and events to gain a clearer picture of current issues and aspirations. Groundwork drawns together external agencies to support and work with the local community to achieve their goals.

Groundwork aims to work with all sectors of the community, regardless of age, gender, cultural or religious background.

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